What is the purpose of cowash and how is it used?

I keep hearing about cowash but I am just not sure what it is or how it is used, can someone please explain and maybe list the reasons why someone would use it.

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Co-washing is based on the theory that washing with detergents overtime can be drying especially for curly hair that needs more moisture. Based on the Curly Girl method, skipping days between "cleaning" your hair is recommended. There are two ways to co-wash. One is using a branded co-wash or cleansing conditioner. The other is to use a lighter conditioner. Both can be a successful way to release styling products, dirt and oil from hair without stripping it. Try looking on YouTube for people with similar hair to yours and see what they like. That might be a good starting point. A cheap way to go is to use a thinner conditioner as a shampoo. Popular ones are Suave Naturals and V05 conditioners. You will use more product b/c you are applying at the root and massaging and it doesn't spread like a shampoo that lathers would. Rinse out and apply your moisturizing conditioner as normal. However there is still a need to shampoo with some time of regularity. That may mean every 10 days or every month or more for super dry, coarse or coily types. I have oily skin/scalp so the most I can co-wash is 2-3x. Then I use a Shea Moisture sulfate free shampoo. And I use a sulfate shampoo every month or more for a deep clarifying to really get my scalp clean and remove build up. I'd say start cheap and see how it goes. Tresemme Naturals is a heavier conditioner that some co-wash with. Your hair looks a bit finer and not sure if that would be too much or not. Good luck. Give it a try and look in the Curl Girl Method if you aren't familiar with it. Here is an article from NC, you can always look things up in the search bar under the Q&A or in the Articles section. Cheers!http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/co-washi...
Co-washing is the act of "washing" hair with conditioner. Premade co-washing products is normally far thinner in texture than normal conditioners. Generally speaking, those with curls tend to have hair that is far drier than straight hair and more prone to frizz. Shampooing hair can strip hair of all it's natural oils leading to dryness and oily scalp. Curls shouldn't be shampooed daily for this reason. Co-washing is a great way to refresh curls and not strip hair of it's valued oils.  At the very least I would recommend it at least once between washing with shampoo. It is not a replacement for shampoo at all. It doesn't clean your scalp and  can lead to product buildup/scalp irritation if done too often or as one's main form of "cleansing."