Sulphate-free shampoos in the UK

Hi,  I've recently started using sulphate-free shampoos to try and reduce the frizz in my hair.  I've been using the Loreal sulphate-free range, and it's definitely improved the texture of my hair.  Unfortunately, it's still quite frizzy.  Upon taking a closer look at the ingredients on the back of the shampoo bottle, I've noticed that there is still a sulphate surfactant that's not recommended for the Curly Girl method (according to this website:  I've been looking for a shampoo that's available in the UK that's genuinely sulphate surfactant-free for ages now with no luck.  The same goes for a serum with no drying alcohol and silicone.  If anyone has any recommendations for products readily available in the UK that are Curly Girl-approved, I'd be very grateful :)

1 Answer

These brands are available in the UK and online-- and have sulfate-free shampoos in their product lines:Burt's BeesMacadamia Natural Oil Boo People Mitchell this helps! Happy hunting.