Co-Wash Regiment: When to use protein treatment?

Because I recently big chopped and have a tapered twa, shampooing seems to be a little harsh on my hair when done too frequently so I'm sticking to co-washing for a while (I use silicone-free shampoo). My question is, can I still pre-poo, deep condition, and do protein treatments as I substitute co-washing for the shampoo part of my regiment? I plan to shampoo every other month or so because, with co-washing and having short hair, my hair doesn't quickly get dirty or product build up. Where can I fit protein treatments into my regiment so my hair won't become over moisturized and too soft/mushy? Current routine: 1-2xs a week -Co-wash, leave-in, style 1-2xs a month -Deep condition/protein treatment on wash days (expecially when using shampoo)

1 Answer

Monthly or bimonthly should be fine.