Water Only Method on 3b-3c type?

I have seen many examples of people using the WO on either straight hair or coily hair, and I'm wondering if anyone with a 3b-3c type has ever tried this method? Has it worked? And how did they work it?

1 Answer

I have been trying this method for approximately two weeks.  I started it because one time I needed to do my hair and didn't want to co-wash.  Co-washing seems not to work for me.I used only water to rinse and then applied my leave-in and stapled as usual.  I loved the results so much, I wanted to see how long I could go without washing my hair with a aulfate free shampoo.  I liked the initial results, but my scalp is oncredibly dry.  I tried an ACV rinse.  Scalp feels meh, but ends are so try you could use them as kindling for a fire!They say hair using this method has a transition period of about 2-3 weeks.  I'll keep trying.  But, have no back up plan if this doesn't straighten out. So frustrating.