Has water-only washing worked for anyone here?

I stumbled into no-poo kind of by accident when my longtime line of products took out sulfates, but not silicones (not cool, guys).  Since I'm a college student short on time and money, I decided to try out no-poo and it's been maybe a month since I've used sulfates.  I've done the baking soda/acv thing once but decided it was too harsh to do very often.  I wash my hair twice a week with just water and am trying to get down to once a week.Here are some issues I've noticed: The ends of my hair seem rather dry.  I used a palmfull of olive oil yesterday to detangle in the shower, but that left a residue.  At least my ends aren't as dry today.  I've just had problems with greasy scalp and dry ends in general.  This makes sense, of course, but it's annoying and I'd like to know how to control it.  I have been using a boar bristle brush once a day to spread oils around as recommended for no-pooers with straight hair.  I try to be really careful with this, and brushing shouldn't be as terrible for my waves as for super curly hair, but I still feel guilty about it and wonder if it's doing more harm than good.  If you don't brush your hair, then how do you distribute oils?  Should I just wash my hair more often? But then how do I keep my ends from drying out? How do I detangle without anything in my hair to protect it? Help!Also, what styling products are safe for no-poo? I haven't been using any but am curious.

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