2nd day curls don't survive

my fine transitioning curls never make it to 2nd day. The curls are frizzy and limp - some strands even lose the curl (3c hair). I have to rewet my hair everyday to reset the curl which is going to kill me in the winter. I sleep with a satin pillow and I pineapple.  What else to do?? Thank you

2 Answers

Your doing everything right!  Here are a couple tricks that will get your though.  Mix a spray bottle with water and conditioner the consistency of skim milk and use that to just spray your ends.  It should dry pretty quickly if your not wetting the root area.  You can also squirt a little conditioner in the sink and mix it around.  Splash the water up into the ends of your hair squishing and scrunching. Finish by scrunching with microfiber towel.  You could always diffuse a little bit on those cold winter days.
Hey, I have super fine hair (3b) and it felt like I could never get second day hair that wasn't oily or crunchy or super frizzy. The key for me has been setting my hair the right way on the first day, how I keep my hair overnight and then using the q-redew the next morning. I have learned that I cannot do a pineapple for my curls. It doesn't work! I wrap a scarp around it (back, front and tie off on the back). Once I started to wrap my hair like that I was able to get 3 and 4 day hair.