How to get 2nd day hair? I want to keep from washing my hair so much, know any good hair products?

I have thin, fine type 2C curly hair. I want to get a product that will help revive my hair for a second day so I can wash my hair every other day. I wash my hair every day, and try to use dry shampoo the next day, but I get such bad bed head that my hair doesn't stay as nicely styled as I had it the day before. I don't know if anyone knows of any easy way to restyle my hair? I looked into the Curly Sexy Hair Curl Reactivator product. Some people say it works, while others feel as though it doesn't and just dries their hair out more. Just wanted to know if anyone knew of any products that may be worth trying. 

1 Answer

Do you currently sleep with a satin head wrap or satin pillowcase? That will affect your hair greatly! Or have you tried pineappling your hair?