My 3c hair becomes an Afro texture after I lay down on it making second day hair impossible help?

I've always wanted to have second day hair because Im tired of wetting my hair all the time, (I don't wash it everyday just wet it) but when I wake up it's an Afro like texture. How do I get the definition back any good products for this??

2 Answers

It depends on a lot of factors. First how are you layering in your products when you are styling your hair?  Are we talking about a wash and go, 2 strand twist, twist out , braid out?  I know with my hair I have different way I layer product so that my style can last.Second are you sleeping on a satin pillowcase or do you have you head wrapped and satin scarf or do you use a satin bonnet?
Piggy-backing on the previous answer.... do you pineapple? That's what I do and just bounces back. For some, I know that just hopping in the bed at night with a pineapple won't work. For those, you have to put in the extra time and re-style before bed and sleep on satin or will a satin or silk night cap.