After a cut, I can't pineapple my hair. Too short. How can I keep the curls when I sleep?

I have 3b slightly above shoulder-length hair. It's too short to pineapple. I sleep on a satin pillow. How can I keep my curls from being flatted at night?

3 Answers

Not sure you can. You might have to use a refresher in the morning to plump them up. I like Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher. 
When my hair was too short to pineapple, I parted it at night in 4 sections, 2 in the front, 2 in the back.Then, I did my normal moisturizing routine, braided each section up, and either bantu knot it or have 4 chunky twists. The next day, un braid them, pick them out either with your wide-tooth comb or your afro pick, and fluff it out. Use a moisturizer with shea butter as a styler to keep the frizz on top of your head at a minimum. Check these reviews out for these products that are great as overnight leave-ins (to preserve your curls the next day):
Devri1THANK YOU! I had tried two section, but your idea about the knots and four sections is the best.