How come my hair is only curly on wash day and then is a wavy mess everyday after?

Hey all, my hair is 3A and moisturized looking on the day I wash it, then as soon as I sleep on it I wake up with wavy, poofy and frizzy mess of hair. The photos show first day and second day and the difference. Also the front side photo shows how the front/top of my hair is basically straight the next day?! I put my hair in a pineapple to sleep with a satin scrunchie, I also sleep on a satin pillowcase, so why can I not keep my definition? For reference I cowash with suave naturals and I use Shea Moisture brand conditioner, then scrunch in Shea Moisture smoothie. Thanks for any advice up front! 

1 Answer

Your hair is pretty. Pineapple does the same to my hair lots of volume, really messy and no defition. Instead of it I only cover my hair with a scarf, next day it's flat but with some definition, spray with lavender mix, scrunch and I get good enough curls never as good as first day but good enough.You can try using a hard hold gel and try not to break the cast all day long so you will sleep with it and keep your curls. Good luck!