Curls go from 3A to 2B after a few days

Day 1 curls are the best for me and usually 3A -- thick, curly, somewhat coarse, but softer underneath.  Then 2nd day curls are more like 2C, and 3rd day curls are nearly 2B -- nearly flat all around but frizzy in the front and on the top.  I move around a lot when I sleep because when I wake up, my curls are completely destroyed.  Is this just the way it goes?  I already use a satin pillowcase.  And I only shampoo about 1-2x/week with Deva Curl No Poo, then condition with whatever conditioner I have around about 2-3x/week.  The products I use vary but it usually includes a leave-in conditioner or style cream (usually Cat Walk Curls Rock) with Rusk foam for more definition.  I feel like I need to use leave-in conditioner or style cream for softness, and then foam or something else for more hold.  I'm constantly trying new things, and generally not sure what to do.  

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