my curls lose definition after around 2 days after i wash them and get frizzy. how can i solve that?

After around two days they just get kind of frizzy and lose definition completely. They are also not as soft and just not pretty. Am I doing something wrong? I wash them every 4 days and put them into a pineapple bun to sleep, I don't use any products for definition though (there's not a huge variety of them where i live). Can I keep the definition for longer without using any styling products?

2 Answers

I'm in the same boat and also have the same problem. What I've found has helped is switching to a satin pillow case, it made a difference with frizz. I also just recently came home from vacation and I realized that the water could actually be a huge issue. My curls were GORGEOUS when I was on vacation due to the water filters in the hotel but now at home in Germany the water has so much limestone (kalk) and that's what's ruining my hair. I'm looking into getting a better shower head and filter for my water I would highly suggest you look into it too if you're interested. My curls on day 3 were so beautiful without any product I'm certain water has a lot to do with fussy hair. I hope that helped.
I have to use some kind of gel, or I can't get past day two with my hair, unless I wanna ponytail it.  Maybe someone else has a better suggestion, but my hair is fine and gets weighed down so I need the gel to keep it in check.