My curls are not nice the day I wash them!

I always shower at night and the day after.. My hair is so stiff and fragile, I can't style it, my hair looks a lot better on the second or third day... I have type 3a/3b type hair. I already use sulfate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner and sometimes I don't use shampoo. I've been struggling with this for year and I really want my hair to look good consistently and not have to wait 1-2 days to feel good about it. Please help!! 

1 Answer

Hi, my hairtype is different from yours but i think I can relate to your problem. Stiff and fragile hair indicates a lack of moisture in hair. This could be due to a number of factors.  Fabrics that come in contact with your hair may sap it of it's moisture eg towels and cotton pillowcases. Towels are rough on curly hair and cause friction and frizz so it's generally adviseable to use a t-shirt( one that you don't wear ) and a gentle plopping motion to dry your freshly washed hair to maintain the curls and softness of the hair. Cotton pillowcases sap the hair of moisture while you sleep. Prevent this by using a satin pillowcase, satin bonnet or satin scarf to protect your curls at night. Alternatively, you can just buy a yard(or more) of satin fabric, sew up the edges and drape it over your pillows while you sleep. You should also moisturise your hair as frequently as it needs demand to keep it soft and manageable. You will notice your hair feeling hard and fragile when it needs to be moisturized.   Another area of concern is that the no-shampoo routine can create build-up on the hair which doesn't get washed out by conditioners. To combat this, people use clarifying shampoos or baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash their hair once a month so as to get rid of the build up on the hair as this build up can prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft and also make hair hard to the touch and difficult to manage. I advise you to do your own research and experiment before considering one of these methods as you know your hair best.Also, if your hair has been chemically altered, bleached or damaged by heat(through straighteners, curling wands, etc), it will be hard to the touch and won't retain moisture properly. It takes a while to nurture damaged hair back to health but a good moisture routine greatly helps.I hope this helps.