DIY second-day hair spray/spritz

I'm looking for a DIY (maybe essential oily) hair spray/spritz, (I'm a 2B) I hate ( hate with a passion) dry shampoos, but my scalp is very oily, ends very dry. Most sprays/spritz I see contain coconut oil or jojoba oils, I'm worried that will make my hair too greasy! Anybody have any tried and true DIY sprays they can't go without for second day hair?

1 Answer

Hi Danielle.Han! My absolute favorite second day spritz is Obia Naturals Curl Hydration Spray. I'll tell you right now that it does have coconut oil, but it doesn't make my hair greasy. It's mostly rose oil and argan oil that's at work here. Also, I would recommend diluting it to avoid the greasy mess. This has worked for me! You could of course make your own DIY second day spritz. Here's a recipe that might work for you. Yes, it has jojoba, but you can replace that for grapeseed oil for something a little lighter. Enjoy!