How does your day 2 hair compare to day 1?

I am interested in hearing/seeing how everyone's day 2 hair compares to day 1. As I'm still working out the formula for creating a respectable day 2 look, I'm trying to figure out what an achievable goal is. Most often on day 2 my hair looks a little more disheveled than chic and feels dry. Is it possible to have day 2 look as good as day 1? Are there any products that you swear by to elevate day 2 hair?

1 Answer

I am often happier with my day 2 hair than my style day hair. What I do is I use Shea butter based products and a classic medium hold mousse. The mousse is what makes my day 2 hair work, sometimes to a day 3 or 4. I add extra mousse in what I know to be problem areas of my hair, so the first day it is a little heavily styled but the second day it is very natural. Both days the style holds well and gets complimented. Sleeping with my hair in 3 or four buns helps keep the curls (I'm in between 3a and 3b) but that may just be because of my thick hair.