How to fight second day frizz for 3A/3B hair?

I have 3A/3B hair and recently found out that I have medium to high porosity.  My hair has a tendency to get frizzy and since I live in a humid area, that doesn't help. Weather permitting wash day goes well, but second day hair can be a mess of frizz.  The second day product I had been using was recently discontinued (thanks Suave) and I am struggling!  I usually shampoo and do a leave in conditioner or co-wash when I wash my hair.  On days I don't, I would use a curl enhancing spray gel.  It controlled the frizz and left my curls feeling springy but not frizzy. And now it's gone!  I have tried using LOreal Sculpt and Hold Cream Gel (lacked the actual hold part), Gloss Duel Oil Care (frizz central with that one), Frizz Ease Touch Up Cream (completely dried my hair out), Tresemme Make Waves Curling Cream (very sticky hair).  I usually use a gel for my second day hair since it helps hold in moisture with my dry curls without them being stiff.  Creams have just been drying it up even more, but I feel like most hair companies are now switching to a cream rather than gel which is fine, but I do wish they would leave the gel option.  I have been spending a ton of money (that I already don't have) to fix this.  If anyone has any low cost ideas for high porosity second day hair, I would really appreciate it!   

1 Answer

A lot of products contain silicone which dry hair out and leave it frizzier overtime so you should probably avoid those in your products.