Hair goes straight overnight

When I wake up in the morning, my 2b curls have gone straight. I've tried spraying them with water and conditioner but nothing I've tried can  revive my curls. Because of this, I wash my hair every day so I can have my curls back. This of course leaves me with dry hair which frizzes easily. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep curls for day 2? I  have naturally dry, frizzy hair which loses its curl very easily. Putting in a pony tail for even an hour will stretch them out so I don't think pineapple-ing at night will help. 

1 Answer

I tried pineapple and didn't work at all, so I don't recommend it to you. What works for me is to wrap my hair in a satin scarf, sort of like a hijab, but without putting it up or anything. Next day the are flatter but not so much. I use a lavender water spray, get it pass damp almost wet but not dripping wet. At this point I use a pea size of curl cream. Sometimes to avoid frizz when my hair is almost dry I use coconut oil. I haven't been able to get a good third day, so in that case I water wash and if my hair feels too dry I apply conditioner let sit for 3-5 min and rinse. Then style as usual and this gives another 2 good days and after that a wash is required.Another tip, is if your hair is thick you can use shampoo, and conditioner with oils in them. If your hair is thin then use highly hydraing but keep away from oils. Use sulfate and silicones free products. Also deep condition frequently.