My hair is really messy after I sleep. It looks messy even after I spray and scrunch. Please help!

4 Answers

Go to the store and buy a satin pillowcase.this will not be rough to your hair,making it less frizzy.also,grab a hair tie and make a floppy bun.make sure you only tie it around your hair once.
try the pineapple which is just tying your hair waaaay on the top of your head. i recommend a scrunchy (a satin one if you can find one) since it does get super tangled in your hair. also tie your hair loosely with whatever ponytail holder your using  to prevent a dent (the dent wouldnt stay long anyways since you have to spray and and apply product to your hair). a polyester or satin pillow case would help too with frizz and breakage. and maybe lightly moisturize your hair before bed with a dry oil or a light oil (coconut oil or argan oil).hope this helped! :)
But I do pineapple my hair and use a satin pillow case.  But my hair still looks pretty unkempt soon even after I do the product and the spray routine. . I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 
make sure you aren't sleeping with wet hair and use a hair turbine if pineapple doesnt work