My hair won't stay in a pineapple

My hair seems to be too thin or not have enough volume to stay in a pineapple. When I wrap it only once it falls out right away. The pineapple bun doesn't work either. I sleep on a satin pillowcase but leaving my hair down while sleeping makes my curls lose its shape. I need a way to put my hair up at night to preserve my curls. I have tried the satin bonnet, it falls off throughout the night. Should I try using a smaller hair tie?

2 Answers

i suffer from the same problem too but i have medium thickness i did try using a smaller hair tie and it did kind of work 
my hair is really fine and I haven't had much luck with a pineapple. I do a twist up with the ends free like a French twist tyoe pineapple. I do it high and use a small clip on the side if it and these seems to work for me.