HELP!!! I can't get second day hair!!!

I'm not sure what type of hair I have but I was thinking between and 2c 3a. I have tried to pineapple but it doesn't seem to work because I have really long hair (it comes down to my hips.).  Maybe its because I comb out my hair w/ my fingers????? I don't know if that would make any difference or not? * I included a pic of my first day hair...  sorry its not really good. :(

3 Answers

Hi Curlygurl,Your question title said you can't get second day hair, but it sounds like you're not happy with your first day hair either, is that right? Since your hair is very long, I suspect that the weight is keeping your curls from forming in a way that you're happy with - 2c/3a hair can be weighed down by length. I recommend you try getting a cut from a DevaCut trained stylist, not necessarily to cut length off but moreso to give your curls shape. They cut the hair when it's dry so they can see how your curls naturally form. Here's an article about that: also mentioned running your fingers through your hair, for me I can only really run my fingers through my hair when it's wet and has conditioner in it in the shower, if I run my fingers through it at any point after that (once the conditioner is rinsed out, or when I'm out of the shower) then my curls won't form nicely anymore. Lastly, are you using any curl defining products? They can help give your hair light hold and I would apply this after getting out of the shower to soaking wet hair:
That's not really an option because I don't believe in cutting my hair. I also wear it in a bun every day to. How do you comb your hair then, if you don't run your fingers through it? When I wake up my hair is usually pretty frizzy. 
you have hair very similar to mine. If only I could avoid picking up the curling iron! But today...I did try styling my 2nd day hair. I used a spray bottle and re-wet it completely. Then I used the latest product I am trying out...Loreal EverCurl Silk and Gloss Dual Oil Care spray. That's it. And honestly, it's the best hair day I have had in a while...without touching the curling iron!