Help, My wash n go wont last

I can only get first day hair, I have short 3c hair that is very thin and fluffy. I've tried the pineapple, i've tried the pineapple in many sections,i wear a silk cap, i have a satin pillow case I've tried just sleeping with it down but there is nothing that has worked. My hair is in a bun by day two and i find that im getting more breakage around my edges because of this. I usually will wake up to frizzy undefined hair going in different directions  and my hair is 100% dry when i go to bed. I inserted pictures to get an idea of what my hair looks like. The hair products i use are mixed chicks leave-in and eco styler gel. 

1 Answer

You might need something with better hold! Since you're doing all the right nightly steps, the mixed chicks leave-in just might be too light. Try something slightly heavier, but not too heavy, since you did say your hair is fine. Try a gelee or curling creme in combination with the ecostyler, maybe?