How can i hold a curl over night? Nothing seems to work

For all you wise curly ladies out there: I would say that my hair is between a 2C and a 3A, shoulder length when fully dried and a little past my shoulders when wet, so I don´t lose a lot of length after it dries. My hair routine: no poo wash once a week and deep conditioning for an hour that same day. I wash with shampoo once a month (no harsh sulfates). After I shower I apply a leave in conditioner and a little bit of gel (if I apply too much my hair looks super greasy) and I scrunch with a microfiber towel just a little bit all around and I let air dry. I don´t use cones on any of my hair products. My first day hair looks nice enough, is super soft (which I believe is part of the cause why my hair loses all shape overnight) and with big curls, but no matter what I do overnight (pinneapling, bun, satin pillowcase) It doesn´t hold a curl at all. I always wake up with this frizzy mess without any shape and it is impossible for me to do anything about it during the morning: it doesn't matter if I use water, products or scrunch it. Please help, I don´t want to have to wash my hair every day, specially during winter! Thank you so very much

4 Answers

Maybe just an updo on the second day? Sounds like you've tried all the usual tricks. I clip mine back on the second day because I can never get decent 2nd-day hair. Though there is this one product that sometimes helps... Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher.
Thank you, I will sure try this product! I usually wear my hair up the second day, but I would like to be able to wear my hair down at least 2 days in a row, it´s just so aggravating that after all the hard work invested during/after washing it, it won´t even last for that long.
Try plopping. Dampen your hair before bed and even scrunch a little more gel into this damp hair. Then "plop" it and wrap it in a soft t-shirt or large microfiber towel. I sleep with my hair like this, but just leave it up until mostly dry. Just rinsing, conditioning and detangling in the shower is also an option, and then just apply your products, scrunch and "plop".
I would try using products that have a little *too* much hold for you, like gels that give you crunchy looking curls. When you wake up in the morning the act of sleeping on them will likely have taken out that crunchiness. If not, break the curls apart with your hands by scrunching, people call this scrunching out the crunch: