How to have good looking post-workout hair

I really want to start wearing second day hair (I currently wash my hair every single day. Yikes!) But I feel like it always looks awful after I work out. Help please!

1 Answer

Put it up at the beginning of your workout.Freshen up your hair with a post-workout spritz. Carry around a small spray bottle wherever you go. My hair cocktail changes every once in awhile, but it usually consists of water, a little leave-in conditioner, and some thin gel. I don’t like putting thicker gels in because it clogs the spray pump. I just shake it up and spritz it all over. Most days I just get the curls barely damp and use my fingers to scrunch it back into place. You can experiment with practically anything: honey, avocado oil, olive oil, essential oils — anything that already works with your locks.