How to keep my hair from loosing its curl???

So, the thing is, I know the healthiest thing for hair is to wash it 2,3,4 times a week, but my hair loses most of its curl the next day. For example, say I shampoo one day, go to sleep, the next day, I wake up to find that my curls have flattened out, some areas curled others wavy, others flat and it looks really bad and I don't know what to do. If I wash it again, it looks perfect, regaining the curl. But if I only rinse it it won't look as nice as when I use shampoo and conditioner. Any tips would help because this is really annoying.

5 Answers

Try sleeping with a silk cap, or put mousse, hairspray, or styling product in your hair, 
cowash your hair instead.
Before you go to sleep, try sectioning your hair into about 4 or 5 sections and either twist or loosely braid each section and securing with a hair tie. Then, make sure you sleep with a satin or silk headwrap every night to protect your hair from breakage and dullness that can be caused from cotton pillowcases & sheets. The next day, untwist/unbraid each section and use a wide-tooth comb to "pick" out each section. Try a refresher spray like or .Here's a helpful article on quick fixes for 2nd day hair.
Hi, I have wavy hair too, about a type 2b but can go almost straight or more ringlet-y depending on styling. I always want to preserve my waves and curls. I wash my hair with a sulfate-free gentle shampoo once a week and with a cleansing conditioner twice a week (Both by Curl Junkie). My routine is to shower at night and then scrunch in a little leave-in (Knot Today). Then I use a gel. I alternate between Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and Ouidad Climate Control. Both are great, but curling custard is a bit more intense as far as hold goes. I comb the gel through section by section to make sure every strand is coated and scrunch to get my hair to clump again. Then I wrap my head in a thin cotton t-shirt and sleep with it like that. The technique is called "plopping" and I read about it online, but it's great for holding waves and curls together so definitely look it up. The next morning, just scrunch out the crunch from the gel and you're set. Hope that helps!
also, even though I don't use any cleanser on my hair 4 days of the week, I still rinse my hair well with warm water in the shower, condition mid-shaft to ends, detangle, and rinse with cold water. Good luck!