How to stop curls from "weakening" after washing?

After I wash my hair, I have type 3b hair--tightly coiled curls that are pretty much ringlets. However, I've noticed that over the next day or two, the tightness of the curls will start to go away and they will become more and more wavy. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to fix it? P.S--I've seen something called "second day hair" on this website--is that the problem I'm having?

2 Answers

you are fine i have the same thing and it happen to our type of hair i have 3b and it does that same day that is what happens to natural hair. not all people hair dry curly and have shrinkage. and with the type of hair you have this means you hair is healthy
I get the same thing with my second day curls. I just wet, add more eco styler and scrunch. Sometimes I will wrap the random strands around my finger in a spiral and use a clip for 30 seconds to make it re-spiral or curl. It really works. I watched Ms. Massy do it on a youtube video. see it around second  59