how to stop washing my hair everyday??

soo I have 3a/ 2c curls, depending on the day & I wash it everyday.. I know that's apparently really bad & I want to start washing it less but I just cant! ive recently started doing the complete curly girl method, I haven't used sulfate shampoo in years but I used to use the organix sulfate free shampoo or cleansing conditioner everyday along with a silicone conditioner & some silicone products. about a month ago though I switched to shampooing with vo5 conditioner & tresseme naturals conditioner along with a silicone free leave in/ defrizz cream, some oil & la bella lots of curls gel. I really like the way myy hair looks with this new routine & I can definitely see an improvement but I still feel the need to washi it everyday. Ive tried the pineapple method & satin pillow cases but my problem is that ill wake up & think I guess my hair looks ok today, ill skip washing it but then like 2 hours later itll look horrible. I also don't like wearing it up & I always just end up feeling like I look dirty or messy when I don't wash my hair.. idk it just doesn't look put together to me but I really want  to continue to make my hair healthier

1 Answer

What if instead of washing it everyday you just spritz it with water and restyle a bit? I think the reason it's bad to wash your hair is that you strip your scalp of natural oils...but if you just re wet it you won't be doing your hair harm. Try it out one day when you get the urge to wash and see how your hair looks.