I have 3c almost shoulder length hair.What can I do @ night to keep from re-wetting/detangling in am

2 Answers

try braiding it at night up to 2-6 french braids. You can also twist it, the twists can be medium to large length, Bantu knots also works but twists and bantu knots will not work if you are streching your hair.  If ur washing it try finding a leave in conditoner that holds moisture and then do these protective styles, also try the l.O.C method after a wash and before a protective style. U will always need to comb your hair if putting it up in a ponytail or bun but this will make it easier to do so, if your hair is moistueized wetting it might not be neccary in the morning.  but if u plan on wearing it down un ravel these protective styles flip it between parts and you will be good to go.  Try searching youtube for how tos on everything mentioned 
Hi there,Since your hair is almost shoulder length you could try the pineapple method to keep the curls intact. You might want to invest in a satin pillow case as well. Once you're starting to use it you will notice the difference right away. If you prefer sleeping with a bun or pineapple then tie your hair loosely to preserve the curls.