What should I do to get my curls defined on the second day after sleep?

My hair is a mix of types 3a3b. I put it in a pineapple when I go to sleep but it doesn't help. I wake up with a bird nest. So I have to brush it and do the shower to make it wet and curly again every morning. It takes hours to air dry my curls although they're shoulder-length. And I'm a little bit tired of it. What would you advice me?

1 Answer

I had the exact same problem! I'm a 2b/3a curly type, but recently I discovered that I can "refresh" my 2nd day curls. When I pineapple over night, my curls become flattened, stretched out, and stiff. In the morning, I get a small amount of conditioner into my palm, mix it with some water (in my palm) and I scrunch it into my hair until it looks good again. It's kinda like a mini-co-wash because I am technically washing my hair with conditioner, but because it's minimal amounts, it dries super quickly. Hope this helps :)