I can never go over a day without washing my hair because my hair becomes a mess, What do I do?

My problem is my hair can't last longer than a day down and I hate having to re wash EVERYDAY! Plus it's not good for my hair! What should I do so that it can look good for more than JUST one day? 

3 Answers

Try doing a conditioner only day. Or if that leaves you too greasy, try a co-wash instead. If you are trying to avoid getting soaking wet, braid or twist your hair at night, don your silk cap & in the morning spray with a refresher to battle any frizz.
You can wet your hair and condition it without washing it. That's what I do since I work out every day. That way, it's not being stripped, but it revives the curls.
Pineapple :) that helps me retain my curls for a few days without washing. Basically, a pineapple is when you flip your hair upside down, tie a ponytail on the top of your head. Split the pony tail in the middle so that you have two sections of hair and then just fall asleep with one section on one side of your head and the other on the other side.