I go to the gym daily, and wash once a week. How can I keep my 2c curls uniform and intact?

I'm a person with the capacity for up to 3a curls when they've dried correctly, but often look like a 2a because my curls won't maintain definition for too long. I have wavy hair that starts out 2a at the scalp and ends in 3a ringlets. I've just found this site and started trying to figure out my best practices so I can maintain my curl definition, because otherwise I am prone to frizz and non-uniform curls that look terrible. So far, I can keep my curls intact if I keep them wet when I use products and if I DO NOT manipulate them when dry. However, I've found that washing my hair a lot dries it out massively, so I try to wash once in 5-10 days.Anyway, I need to put my hair up for the gym bc it's quite long. Usually I make a single plait with a hair tie at both the top and bottom, but while it protects my hair from frizz, it does mess with my curl pattern so that some of my curls become defined but in an awkward shape while some of them have separated strands that look almost straight or 2a. What is a good way to put my hair up that will preserve my curl definition yet stay up through vigorous zumba style exercise? I don't want to wait until I wash it for my curls to look good again :( Plus I go to the gym everyday.(I don't care if the hairstyle looks good I just need it to keep my curls looking defined.)

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