What should I do with my hair?

I've had pretty curly hair my entire life. Up until this past year, I always HATED my curls, straightening them every single day. At last, I decided to give curly hair a go, ditched the straightener completely, let it grow for a year, then chopped off at least 9 inches of length. At first, I loved it. I honestly do love the length of my hair now, but its only really curly the day I shower. I never ever brush it (I do use a wide-tooth comb) and I only ever air-dry it because blow-drying only ever destroys my hair. After I go to bed and sleep on my curls, I wake up the following day and it goes from looking like a type 2b to more like a type 2a. I also wish my hair was just a *little* bit curlier and springy, and definitely wish there was more volume at the root of my head. Maybe I'm asking too much... I probably am.I just want some tips and tricks for adding volume and keeping your curls over-night, particularly to my type of hair. Any products you guys would like to suggest would be great too! As a teen, I'm a particularly low-maintenance person and would prefer something that I can do quickly in the morning before I run off to school. The images show what my hair looks like the day I shower.

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Hi ModernBrigid, I have the exact same problems, and don't worry, so do a lot of wavies. 2nd day hair is really hard to master for wavy hair because our volume and curl pattern gets zapped so easily. Here are some helpful articles for you: How to Refresh 2nd Day Hair - Twirl and Pin MethodHow to Refresh 2nd Day HairI would be careful with re-wetting too often. If you wet your hair every day you can suffer from "hygral fatigue" which can lead to weaker strands. If you want to refresh your 2nd day hair, that is fine. Be sure to use a combo of water and a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer so you're not drying your hair out. You can also try the "pineapple method" which will help with volume too. Or, sleep with a satin scarf around your hair at night. Here's another article: Pineappling Short HairYou could also use products with more hold to make sure your 2nd day hair lasts. For that, though, you might need to use silicones, which are water resistant and will last through the elements. Not everyone likes silicones, though, so it's up to you! For volume, I am afraid I am no help. I've never been able to master volume, though I hear everyone loves using duckbill clips. Maybe try it out? Here's another article. Sorry - I know that's a lot! Good luck!