How do I make my curls last?

I've got 2C curls (or thereabouts) but my hair is really thin. By the second day my curls have pretty much all gone - either they've turned into a big ol' knot that upon detangling is pretty much straight hair or they've been pulled out by the weight of my hair the day before or squashed during the night. My second day curls are usually just "beach waves" type hair but with a whole lot more frizz! Has anyone got any advice for how to help my hair hold its curl more? (I currently pineapple my hair at night but doesn't seem to do much for me) 

1 Answer

I tried pinapple one and didn't work, so you should stop it. What I do is cover my hair with a scarf. Next day I spray with lavender spray and add curl cream. It seems to give good enough curls for the day. You can also try putting your hair in a bun.