How often should I moisturise after a Wash and Go?

Hi ladies! I did my BC 3 weeks ago, Im a 3b.  Im not sure on how often should I moisture my hair while in a wash and go.  For me it looks ok but since Im new I'm not sure on what is good. I read about a girl, she moistures and seals every night and applies oil in the mornings, but she was in the 4s...that would be too much for my hair. Any 3bs that could share her routine?Thanks!

1 Answer

While I'm clearly not a 3B, a good starting point for moisturizing your wng's would be every 2-3 days. Honestly, though, your hair should be moisturized according to how it looks and feels. I say this because some people moisturize and seal their hair several times a week (which can be overkill for some) while others can go a full week without adding any additional products (which is not enough moisture for someone with coarser hair). If your not sure about using additional products, you could also try lightly misting your hair with water and then sleeping in a plastic cap at night.