I need help with my hair when it comes to sleeping! Thanks!

Hi, I'm a teen with Italian and German heritage and wild, 3a-3b hair. I need help with sleeping on curls. After it's washed and air-dried, it looks bouncy and full of life, but after I spritz with water/leave-in mix (which I do nightly to retain moisture and reactivate my curls) bun it up and sleep, the roots are strangely straightened and the curls at the nape of my neck are all weird and stretched out. Do you have any tips? Thank you!

4 Answers

Sounds like your bun stretches your curls in that area. So for that unruly section try  rolling your hair in rollers that are similar in size to that of your curls and take them out in the morning when you refresh and fluff your curls, best wishes.
Thank you so, so much! I will definitely try that soon! Do you have any suggestions for brands/types of rollers? And do they hurt to sleep on? Thank you!
If you get the satin rollers versus the hard plastic kind, it shouldn't be too uncomfortable to sleep in. And make sure to not roll them too tight because that's what could make it uncomfortable.
You might also be stretching your roots because of your bun. Your hair is moist and the bun will cause this. Try tighting it looser. This happened to me before because my hair is short/medium length (lots of layers) and I would have to pull it up to reach the bun, stretching some of the curls. You need to make sure you don't pull your hair too much, check if it still has its natural curl pattern, if you want to wake up with it intact and not stretched out.Hope this helps!