how do I pull off not washing every day? I have to use product, but my curl relaxes at day's end.

I would love to not have to wash every day, but still use curl taming product. Is that possible? (First time asking a question here, new to embracing my curls)

1 Answer

Welcome to the Curly Life!Yes, this is VERY possible and you have a few different options. I don't know all of them, but I will share what I do know and hopefully it can, at least, help you get started finding a solution that best fits you.Let me note here that you may want to consider "easing" into less washings. Hopping right in may be a shock to you and your scalp/strands. Acclimating slowly to the "less washing" culture will allow you time to figure out how to get more days out of washes without going completely insane and without your hair looking/becoming a hot mess. First, you can change your "curl taming" products. Try looking for a product that doesn't have a lot of buildup and contains more natural ingredients. If you are currently using a this type of product then try using less of it each day this way you get less buildup and won't be tempted to wash every day.(Here I'm assuming you equate the word WASH with using shampoo) If you can't find such a product or if it's taking you a while consider "cleaning" your hair vs. actually shampooing it. You could switch to a "less-poo"/"no poo" method. This would mean only shampooing a few times a week to a few times a month OR co-washing everyday to a few times a week. Some women use baking soda and/or bentonite clay for the latter method. This way, you can still "clean" your hair without using shampoo. Most times, hair behaves differently when it has been shampooed- going "no poo" for a few days a week may help your hair "tame itself" so you don't have to use as much product; which equates to less buildup; which equates to less actual shampoo washings. You will still have relatively clean hair but it won't require as much product to tame if it requires any at all. If you do not want to change products then you could just wear your hair differently in between washes. Different styling options could help you squeeze a day or two more out of your washes so you don't have to wash everyday. Hope this helps... even if its only a little bit.