What can I do to refresh my flat curls?

I normally wash my hair at night so I can sleep in. My curls are 3b look cute and healthy before I go to bed. I sleep with a satin cap at night, but when I wake up, my curls are flat against my head. My is completely dry when I go to bed and using water only makes them go frizzy and unmanageable. I did the big chop a few months ago so it is very short, but I keep it as healthy as possible. Is there anything that can help?

2 Answers

Hi Adri_1625, There's lots of different ways to refresh your curls. But if your curls are feeling a little flat, I would maybe try some dry shampoo spray at the roots. Use your fingers to give your roots a little more volume. Or, try a leave-in conditioner spray instead of just straight water. That might help the frizz. Check out this video I think it's perfect for you. 
Okay!!!! Thank you!!! :)