How should I sleep with shorter 3b hair to get decent 2nd day hair?

This sounds like a funny question but seriously, I can't figure out how to not crush my curls and/or create a nest. I always see women sleeping in a pineapple but my hair isn't long enough. I tried sleeping in a satin bonnet, which helps with frizz, but creates super flat head. Next morning I practically need to drench my head with a spray bottle and question why I didn't just wet it in the shower and start over. Help please :)

1 Answer

Hi Surrender2curls, Have you tried sleeping on a satin pillow case? That helps with the unevenness in my hair. Also, the types of products I use help immensely when it comes to 2nd day hair. The stronger gels and creams with silicones usually hold up better than the lighter mousses and creams.