I have very thick, long 3b hair and I can't seem to get second day hair. Any suggestions?

My hair is very dense and thick, with a 3b curl pattern. I've tried basically everything but my hair refuses to get refreshed! I have silk pillow cases, I've done pineappling, satin bonnet, you name it! When I try to refresh, my hair ends up limp, extremely frizzy and sometimes will even smell weird! I hate having to redo my hair all the time, I would love to be able to wear it down more than two days in a row. Please help! I've also watched every youtube video out there for second day hair :(

1 Answer

Hello :)The best thing u can do is wash ur hair at night times,n for da second day hair keep in ur mind ur curlz wont b beautiful as dey get older (most of da hair types) , u can add conditioner + apple cider vinegar  in a spray bottle refrigerate  n spray it on ur hair before gong to bed put ur hair in 4 to 6 small buns n cover it up in satin bonnet r cloth, morning u just loosen da buns but dont touch dem much again it will make ur hair frizz ,once u fel ur hair iz almost dried give a little scrunch to it  .. ooola ready to go :) hpy frizz free curlz Try diz u vl love it b Hpy:)