I am trying to find out how to keep my 3c/4a very fine texture to not shrink the second day.

I need to know what I can do to keep the length of my twists , as they look on wash day.  My 3c/4a which is a very fine texture unfortunately extremely shrinks and my hair looks shorter than it really is as well as gets dryer, please help , thank you.

2 Answers

I would invest in a pick On your 2nd day hair , use the pick at your roots ( and only your roots ) to make your hair bigger And if your hair is dry I would use a mixture of 100% coconut oil and 100% shea butter on your hair 
You should try 2 strand twists at night along with moisturizing it well. The twists do not have to be neat. Take them down in the morning with an oil of your choice (olive oil is my favorite) and pick it out to your liking. Works wonders for me. Hope this helps!