I wash my hair every other day and I need ideas on how to keep it looking nice on the second day.

I turn a lot in my sleep so my hair gets really knotty and looks bad. I have type 3a/3b hair but my hair is so long it gets weighed down and isn't curly until it gets to my ears.

1 Answer

Use a silk or satin pillow case and always put your hair up loosely, on the top of your head before bed. You can also wrap a silk scarf around your head too.In the morning, keep your hair up during your shower. When you get out, take your hair down and carefully finger detangle your hair. Spray with water and/or a curl refresher spray then use the prayer hands method to distribute the water and/or product to clump curls back together. I use water and curl refresher because my hair is fine, if yours is thick, you don't need to use water unless you want to. Use trial and error to figure out the amount of product(s) and water you need. Scrunch, twirl, clip root volumizing clips in, and either diffuse or air dry.