Im in the army which requires me to wear a bun everyday. I need some after bun recovery for my hair!

sometimes I just really want to let it down and go out on a friday, but my hair is tuck in brushed back frizz mode. I want to know if there is a way to regain my curls without having to go home, wash and dry my hair for a night out? Maybe a product or something? Thanks!

1 Answer

I don't know anyway to do this that wouldn't require at least some drying time :\ IF that weren't a problem, I'd say say a spray bottle, a liquid-y leave in (more of the latter as the hair seems to dry faster when it's not literal water being put in), and a sealing oil. Frizz is usually considered a lack of moisture in the hair, which the remedy for would be moisture meaning some form of wetness.  If you have time and are able to,  I would suggest keeping a cotton t-shirt wherever you can store your things and keep some of these products with you. This way you can scrunch out as much water as much wetness as possible before going out.