Is it best to pineapple the hair for great second day hair

4 Answers

well, you can pineapple your hair, wrap it in an scarf or braid it. but if you want to prevent frizz i recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase!
Absolutely! I would add a little moisturizer first then pineapple. 
I definitely think it helps with 2nd-day curls. I sometimes need to redefine a few curls in the morning with a curling iron or a curl revitalizer. But overall, it's probably one of the best ways to keep your curls protected while you sleep.
Pineappling the hair, in my opinion, is the absolute best way to maintain curls that have been stretched by either a twist-out or a braid-out. When I pineapple my hair each night after I've taken down a twist-out or braid-out, my twist-out/braid-out lasts for a week. All I do is pull my hair up loosely to the top of my head, tie a big scrunchie around it (not too tight, but tight enough to not come off), put a scarf over it and go to sleep. Then in the morning I pull the scrunchie off, jump up and down shaking my hair all around, and the curls will simply cascade back down. You don't have to do ANYTHING else to the hair, just shake and go! And it lasts for a week! Another great thing about pineappling is that it stretches the hair. Usually I don't like my twist-out or braid-out much on the first day because the curls barely graze my shoulders. But each morning when I take it out of the pineapple my curls elongate and start to fall farther down my shoulders.