Is it possible for 3A's to have second day hair? My curls are flat after pinappling.

I have to completely wet my hair to get my curls back everyday. I have the type of hair that my curl pattern just disappears when wet. 

7 Answers

I have the same problem. I am a 2b, sometimes 2c, and I can't get 2nd day hair on my own. My curls are always flat or they straighten out the next day, so I usually spritz them with water and some leave-in spray to get them bouncy again. If you're trying to pineapple and it's not working for 2nd day hair, then try something else! Remember, no two curls are the same. What works for others might not work for you. Instead of pineappling, try spritzing your curls with a reactivator and some water to get them curly again. There's tons of products out there for this...just look for the word "refresh" or "spritz" in the product. Here's a great place to get started. 
Thank you for the tips. I have tried misting my hair but all I end up with is lots of frizz. And my hair always feels like it's stuck to my head after. I'll have to keep trying new techniques. I guess practice makes perfect. 
A way to maintain 3A curls could be to twist at night and spritz in the morning to revive the volume.
Try Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher. This works really well.
My 3A friend likes Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling spray. You might try that.  I think she gets the Citrus Lavendar scent. 
I put my hair up high on my head and just twisted slightly and then clipped it with a butterfly clip.  My hair looked pretty good this morning.  I wet a few areas with water and sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus hold and shine spray and finger curled them.  I still got a little canopy frizz but it defintely looks better than my past atempts at second day hair.