I've got type 2c/3a hair, but the under-layer is almost completely straight. What do I do?

The top layer of my hair is made of ringlets going into loose curls, but the underside of my hair is almost completely straight with one curl at the end. I also am having problems with my hair, even the curly parts, holding a curl through an entire day, much less overnight and it is always really frizzy. Any suggestions? I don't think I have dry hair as I've never heat styled or chemically processed my hair. 

2 Answers

It's normal to have the straight layer underneath. I would scrunch the entire head of hair, while paying extra attention to the bottom layer. Water-based gels are great for reducing frizz (for some people) and it helped me when I transitioned. That and using a t shirt to scrunch :) hope I helped 
I agree with Happyboats. Go upside down scrunch an if you can diffuse a little to form a cast on the gel it can help keep it's best shape while drying. When you sleep apply a little leave in or cream, pineapple it in a high ponytail and sleep on a satin pillowcase --those will help a lot!! But you have to use a leave in and styling product with hold like mousse or gel and then scrunch out the crunch. Apply products when very wet and then scrunch the wet out w/ the T-shirt. If you live in high humidity, avoid glycerin in your products as that can exacerbate frizz. It's a big avoid for me in Summer.