Losing curl???

September of last year,2014, I went to Italy and stayed for three months. While there my hair lost a lot of curl! I also got it cut because I thought that would help put the curl back but it didn't. I used to be able to go to sleep and wake up and my curl still be nice and springy. Now I wash it and there's hardly any curl and I wake up and there's no curl at all. It's flat and thin. I'm scared because I love my curls and I'd hate to loose then forever.im not sure if it's becuase of winter but I've never had that happen before. I've been doing masks like coconut oil, olive oil, and also I use all natural products to wash and style. They have no sulfates, silicone...etc. please help!

2 Answers

Do you use heat tools (e.g. flat irons, blow-dryers, curling wands)?
no, I don't use those