Maintaining 3A curls overnight

(Please don't mind the damn awful bleach job I have at the moment, I didn't realise how thick my hair was and didn't buy enough bleach (it hasn't  damaged my hair too much and hasn't seemed to change my curl pattern))I've always had trouble with what to do in the morning. Adding a bit of water and carrying on with my normal routine of leave-in frizz-ease conditioner and then holding mousse doesn't work so I shower every morning, washing my hair each time. I use the no-poo method which seems to work for my hair and I condition with 2 conditioners that are silicone free. I've looked up youtube videos and they haven't helped, so does anyone have any ideas of what I could do in the mornings if I can't shower (other than the obvious shove my head under the tap which I have had to resort to) when I'm not at home. When I wake up after having my hair tied up it's usually straightended the curls out quite a bit but if I leave my hair down it just goes frizzy.In the first picture my hair is damp, the second it's completely dry. 

2 Answers

Do you own a satin pillowcase? Those can really help. You can get them pretty cheap on Amazon, just look up "betty dain satin pillowcase". If you tie your hair up pretty tightly at night, try tying them up more loosely in either a pineapple or a bun. Lastly, if you try those two things but they don't help, it might help to try different products/methods to refresh your hair. I like to mix together water and Kinky Curly Knot Today and smooth it onto my hair. Some people use refresher sprays, and some people even put plain conditioner onto their dry hair! Experiment with different things to see what works best for you. Hope I helped! :)
Here is what I have been doing on my 2nd/3rd day hair, and its been working really great for me.  At bedtime, I lightly moisten my hair, in particular the ends with plain water.  I then scrunch up my hair up in a high and loose "pineapple".  I put on my saltine bonnet. In the morning I remove the bonnet and I tip my head forward to loosen my curls with my hands.  I then "spritz" some Rosewater & Glycerin so as to reactivate the products I had put into my hair on wash day.  I focus the "spritz" on the ends of my hair.  I do not wet my scalp nor do I drench my hair, I lightly spritz the ends just enough to reactive the products.  I then scrounge my curls and I finish with some coconut oil coating my ends.  Then I flip my hair back and I manipulate my curls where I want them and if need be, I apply some shine serum.  This gives me the same results as if I had washed my hair but I can walk out the door and my hair doesn't get frizzy.  Also the rosewater leaves my hair soft and smells refreshed.  Hope this helps.  ;)