Methods for refreshing 2nd day hair don't work for me?

i have pretty damaged 2b (or something idk) curls and recently i found the best recipe to make them dry gorgeous. sadly even after trying all of the tips that i read they still dont survive me sleeping (im not talking about frizz i mean that the curl pattern changes and on day 4 my hair is mostly frizzy straight and even when i put leave in conditioner in it doesnt form curls). i tried the silk bedsheets (curls dissappeard but it looked less frizzy) and the pineapple bun (made my curl pattern weird) and the turban t shirt method (also made my curl pattern very weird). any of you experienced that? Tips how i could fix it? and the pics are 3rd day, 1st day and 2nd day hair i found on my phone (hope they are the right order)

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