Natural hair growth remedy

I started issuing coconut oil for hair growth but it's moisturizing my roots too much. My hair gets really greasy within a day and a half. I like to straighten my hair sometimes but I stopped because it gets too oily too quick. I started using Shea Moisture Thickening Growth Milk now but still same problem. Help? My hair has never been this oily. 

3 Answers

If you're using those products everyday, try to cut back a little and see how if that helps your hair. If your hair is countining to become oily, maybe those aren't the best products for your hair. Good luck!
Okay, first off, eat lots of protein-rich food and massage your scalp every night. You can take vitamin E supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails or vitamin B12 which is important for hair growth. Some people take Biotin pills and that seems to help. Try using avocado and banana hair masks once a week, it can also aid faster hair growth. If you're looking for a hair serum that can help hair grow stronger and more beautifu, try Pro Naturals Hair Repair System moroccan argan oil. Just a few drops on your damp hair and it is guaranteed to make hair tamer and less frizzy, even as it air dries. I've also tried the shampoo and conditioner from the same hair care line and they helped make my hair grow beautifully long. They're sulfate-free so they won't strip off your hair's natural oils which may either dry your hair up, or turn it into a greasy mess. You can order them online online. Oh and get trims regularly. Split ends stunt growth. I hope that helped! :)
Use less or dilute it with water. You can buy a multi purpose spray bottle and put some of the product in it with water. Shake it around every time when it settles and spray it.Or, what i do is, for my oils, i put some in my hand and take my water spray bottle and spray it constantly about 6 times in my hand and apply it to my hair.