New to naturally curly! Have tons of questions! One of them being....

I am new to the curly girl method being my first week, I cleanse my hair with Moroccan oil cleanse shampoo and then a silicone free conditiiner. I am using a leave in conditioner from neutrogena and living proof curly cream to style with a diffuser. My question is, my second day hair feels dry. Especially my scalp. Could it be the products that I am using ? Or not enough protein on my hair or too much product? Please help!!!!!! Itchy scalp ! 

2 Answers

Hi Rosieposie, If you are true to the Curly Girl Method, then you should be avoiding sulfates and silicones. Does your shampoo have sulfates? If it does that could be the culprit for your dry scalp. Look for these two ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Also - be sure your leave in and curl cream are silicone free as well. Look for "cone," "col," "conol" or "zane." Read this article for more info: new CG method users have the opposite problem you are facing. They usually have oily scalp, not dry scalp. So I'm thinking that you're using the wrong products. Check out this article. It has a list of CG approved products. luck! 
I would try a pre-poo before you shampoo. It always leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized even after shampooing, and helps with scalp itchiness and flakiness. Here are a couple pre-poo recipes: