Newly discovered that my hair is curly, need help with styling the next day. So far always start ove

Stopped with shampoo begining of the year, was told would help with frizz. It did and in the process found out my hair is actully curly (super excited by the way and totally want to embrace it) I'm starting to get the hang of styling it but so far I have to basically start from square one every day (have to completly drench my hair and apply all products) Just wondering if there was something that I'm not doing to bring back the curls the next day? Oh and I'm having trouble finding a silk pillow case as well.

2 Answers

I just recently discovered my hair was curly to and am having the same prob. :( 
So what I do is make sure that I'm going to bed with dry hair. I just pineapple and, tuck the ends into my scrunchie, and sleep on my satin pillowcase. The next morning I wake up and spray my hair down with a spray bottle. The trick is to get it wet enough that it helps with the proofing from having your hair piled on your head all night, without it being wet enough to make your hair drip water everywhere. I usually don't use products, but occasionally use a leave-in. You can use mousse or a curl cream if necessary.